7 Days to Die Donation

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7 Days to Die Donation!

When you donate you will receive 10 DonatorCoins in game which is enough to craft 1 of each item (you get 100 DonatorStorageBoxes!) PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR PURCHASE

Donator commands:

/donator2 - new chat colour
/donator3 - new chat name
/protectbase - only allows people you choose in your base and stops zombies from coming in too. You must be standing in the middle of your base for this to work, the sizes is based on 4 claim blocks together in 1 big square
/protectbaseallowzombies - this protects your base from everyone other than zombies!!! Still allows you to choose who can enter.
/removeprotectbase - removes the protection
/hordeall - Spawns a horde on everyone who is online with a 10 second warning! Costs 100 newtcaps (you gain 62 newtcaps every 30minutes in game, these can be spent in the shop also, run /shop in game to get the link)

Donator items:

DonatorWorkbench - Used to craft donator items
DonatorCoin - Resource you need to craft the items, you can also scrap items to receive coins back (this does not apply to the DonatorStorageBoxes or DonatorWorkbench)
DonatorCigar - Doubles agility, fortitude, intellect, perception, strength, and bartering
DonatorClawHammer - Repairs, and Harvests 5x everything!
DonatorGloves - Has some good resistance and doubles your XP
DonatorMiningHelmet - comes with a light! Has some good resistance.
DonatorNailgun - Repairs, Upgrades faster! Also doubles as a good weapon. Unlimited nails!
DonatorPaintTool - unlimited painting!
DonatorShades - Doubles agility, fortitude, intellect, perception, strength, and increases loot stage!
DonatorShoes - Doubles your speed and increases your jump hight. Does not create noise!
DonatorStorageBox - Get 100 boxes from 1 DonatorCoin. These boxes have really high health and will not be destroyed if unsupported, can be upgraded to a small wood box to be removed.
DonatorVehicleBicycle - Goes really fast!!!

Really important note on the items:
They can not be dropped and players who do not have the correct role will get kicked from the server if they pick up a donator item.

After you have donated please click here to link your discord and claim your donator status. You must only do this after donating, not before.

By purchasing this pack you agree to the following:
  1. You agree that no refunds will be made for any lost/scrapped items
  2. You agree that your role may be removed if you are caught breaking the rules
  3. You agree that you are not able to share the donator items
  4. Any donator items given to other players will cause them to be kicked, by giving a donator item to another player you are griefing a player which is a bannable offence. You agree you will not give these items to other players or you will be banned
  5. You agree that any changes made to the donator items/roles/commands may happen and you are unable to dispute this
  6. You agree that if you do not follow the link here to link your discord, you will not have access to donator commands. You agree that you are unable to dispute this until you have linked your discord.

Total: £10

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