How to connect:

  • Click 'Play online'
  • At the to, search by name and enter Newt

If this option does not work:

  • Click 'Play online'
  • At the bottom click 'Direct Connect'
  • Use the IP and Port

Please be aware that The Age of Calamitous is installed, so your game will appear to close, however this is normal. Your game will come back with The Age of Calamitous loaded and will then connect you to the server.

To purchase VIP for Conan, click here!

For the Mod collection please click here

Mods auto update

Login website features available

Backups done at every restart and update

VIP options coming soon


Keep items on death is enabled

Carry weight x10

XP and harvest at x10

We have pipi installed which has kits and more, please see the commands below!


/help - shows all available commands

/me [action] - Displays action in 3rd person context

/shout [message] - shouts a message

/mumble [message] - mumbles a message

/whisper [player] [message] - whisper to a player

/mute [player] - mutes a player

/unmute [player] - unmutes a player

/sethome - sets your location as a home teleport

/home - teleports you to your home

/list admins - lists the admins online

/list mute - lists players you have muted

/list kits - lists available kits

/list warps - lists available warps

/warp [WarpName] - teleports you to the named warp

/wallet - displays the amount in your wallet

/pay [Player] [amont] [type] - pays another player from your wallet

/currency - views details about currency settings

/kit [KitName] - gives you the named kit

/tprequest [playerName] - requests to teleport to the named player

/tpaccept - accepts the teleport request

/vote - votes on current vote

/rules - displays the rules

/time displays the servers time

/buildinginfo - displays info about your buildings

/heatmap - displays a heat map for your builds

VIP Commands

/list players - lists all the players online

/list clans - lists clans that have members online

/return - returns you to the location before you teleported

/Warp create [WarpName] - creates a warp at your location

/roll [DieNumber]d[Sides] rolls the dice

/flip - flips a coin

/AFK - toggles AFK status

/vote dawn - vote for dawn

/vote noon - vote for noon

/vote dusk - vote for dusk

/vote night - vote for night

/bal [PlayerName] - displays a players wallet amount

/channel create [ChannelName] - creates a new chat channel

/channel join [ChannelName] - joins the named channel

/channel leave [ChannelName] - leaves the named channel