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// 7 Days to Die

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467 ET/PF Ragn

Zombies have taken over Newtonia on Newt-pocalypse, no where is safe, the zombies are everywhere

A deadly 7 days to die server


Please be aware, this server has high rate of zombies!!! You have been warned

  • XP 100%
  • Loot 150%
  • Drop nothing
  • PvE
  • Set home and teleports
  • Teleport to bed
  • Traders always open
  • /snow, /desert, /burned - take you to these biomes
  • /hunt
  • /spawnhorde
  • Bigger backpack
  • 12 slot craft queue
  • Extra perks on the skills
  • Increased mod slots
  • Advanced bellows
  • Serverside zombos
  • Serverside vehicles
  • Increased zombo spawn

Reset regions:

Reset regions are areas of the map that reset to the orignal state every Wednesday and Saturday night. If you build in these areas, you will loose everything when the reset happens.

The map below shows where the reset regions are:


/bed - teleports you to your placed bed
/settele - lets you set a teleport
/tp - will teleport you to the named TP
/telepublic - sets the named TP to public
/teleprivate - sets the named TP to private
/snow - teleports you to snow
/desert - teleports you to the desert
/burned - teleports you to burned
/hub - teleports you to the server hub - COMING SOON
/horde - teleports you to the server horde base - COMING SOON
/spawnhorde - spawns a horde at your location then another a few minutes later
/hunt - spawns some animals to kill
/tpf - teleports you to your friend (must be friends with them in game) - COMING SOON
/top - shows you the top 5 zombie slayers on the server
/gimmie - gives you a free item, cool down is 15 minutes - COMING SOON
/day7 - find out when the next horde is

Donator commands:

/donator2 - adds you to the donator role
/donator3 - gives you a donator tag in chat
/hordeall - Spawns a horde on everyone who is online with a 10 second warning! Costs 100 newtcaps
/protectbase - only allows people you choose in your base and stops zombies from coming in too. You must be standing in the middle of your base for this to work, the sizes is based on 4 claim blocks together in 1 big square
/protectbaseallowzombies - protects your base and prevents players from entering, this command allows zombies to attack your base
/removeprotectbase - removes your base protection
/wlf - adds your online friends to a whitelist to enter your base

For more information on donation click here!


📜 - Be respectful, no griefing - this is pve, simple rule that needs no explanation. This is not a toxic community, toxic players will be banned

📜 - Do not build in POIs/prefabs - do not build or claim anything you have not built!!! This prevents players completing quests. The ONLY exception is if you have purchased a prefab as your base and admin has added this in for you

📜 - 30 tree limit per base

📜 - 6 stations limit per base - this means no more than 10 of each crafting item, such as, forge, workbench, chemistry station, cementing paste etc

📜 - No hacks or duping - instant ban

📜 - No drop mining - If 20 blocks or more drop close to you, this will notify me immediately, I will review this case by case however if this occurs often, its a ban! Reinforce your mines, take some wooden frames to put up to prevent blocks falling

📜 - Do not build 100 blocks within any server set TPs, horde base or hub - if you do, your base will be removed