Our Minecraft server is run on Spigot/Bukket plugins. Version 1.16.4

  • McMMO
  • Quests
  • Jobs
  • RTP
  • Shop
  • Economy
  • Silk Spawners
  • MinePacks

Game Types

  • Lobby with a parkour game
  • Grief Protected Survival
  • Skyblock
  • Grief Protected Creative
  • Keep Inventory is on!

Other features
Donators crates

Ranks that accumulate donations coming soon
Ranked kits coming soon

Iron Rank

  • /back - go back to previous location
  • /nick - change your nickname (please keep this appropriate).
  • /clearinventory - clears your inventory, be careful with this!
  • /compass - shows your compass position.
  • Set homes increased to 6
  • Claim block increment increased to 110 an hour
  • Max claim blocks increased to 6500
  • Silk touch with any item!
    NEW /backpack - a 4x9 backpack for you to access and use

To purchase >

Gold Rank

  • /craft - Craft anywhere!
  • /furnace - Furnace anywhere!
  • /bal [player] - Economy balance
  • /nick colors - change your nickname colours.
  • /enderchest - Enderchest anywhere!
  • /feed - Feed yourself
  • /enchanttable - Enchant anywhere!
  • Set homes increased to 8
  • Claim blocks increment increased to 125 an hour!
  • Max claim blocks increased to 8500!
  • /rtp cooldown bypass, no longer have to wait to /rtp!
    NEW /backpack - a 5x9 backpack for you to use!
    No backpack command cooldown!

To purchase >

Diamond Rank

  • /heal - Heal yourself
  • /near - See who is nearby
  • /seen [player] - When a player was last online
  • /elytra - Temporary elytra ability
  • /anvil - Anvil anywhere!
  • /nick magic - Use magic on your nickname
  • /fix - Repair item in your hand
  • Set homes increased to 10
  • Claim blocks increment increased to 140
  • Max claim blocks increased to 10000
  • /rtp - Bypass the rtp cooldown and cost!
    NEW /backpack - a 6x9 backpack for you to use
    /backpack clean - Removes all items from your backpack
    Have your backpack automatically pick up items!

To purchase >

Claiming Land on Survival and Creative

Help with claiming land
You can manage your claim by using the claim menu, to access this use /claims

Click here for a video tutorial

Commands and Plugins

  • Essentials - This includes economy, setting homes, shop.

  • Grief Prevention - Allows you to claim land that no one else can build on or open your chests

  • Jobs - Choose a job to earn money (survival only)

  • McMMO - an MMO style plugin (survival only)

  • Quests - Take part in Quests to earn rewards (survival only, missions is on Skyblock)

  • Spawners Silk - Get mob spawns with Silk touch tools

  • Random Teleport - The ability to randomly teleport across the map (survival only)

  • Skyblock - Challenge yourself to the ultimate Skyblock.

  • ViaBackwards/Rewind/Version - This allows you to connect with with most previous versions, from 1.8 upwards(edited)

  • MinePacks - Gives you a 2x9 back pack to use, command is /backpack

To see a list of commands type /help

Vote Rewards are HERE!!!

We are listed on all the sites to the right.

The sites will give you a vote reward key in game that you can use on the third floor of the spawn lobby in survival, once you have voted.

In game you can do /vote to access all the Crate Reward vote sites. It is always best to vote while you are in Survival world.