These are the rules for all servers across the Newt-Ark community

Here on Newt-Ark we so have some rules in place to try and make the experience for everyone, an enjoyable one.

Insta-ban will be given for:

  • Any form of racism, homophobic or trash talk.
  • Any form of hacking / cheating / exploiting.


  • Resources can be rare and difficult to get for new players, please be mindful and not block off abundant resource spots.

  • Wandering dinos can cause problems for other players while exploring ARK, please only have dinos on wander in your base.

  • Please make sure other players are able to build by not placing random structures across the map.

  • Please be respectful and treat the server as you would treat your own and please do not grief players.

  • Breeding has been extended dramatically to prevent offline breeding which can damage server performance. Most Dino mods have potions to help with breeding.

  • The shields across Newt-Ark have been increased so you do not need more than 1 for each base.

  • Because our servers are clustered please do not leave Dino's at obelisks, this could prevent players from traveling across the cluster.

  • Resource Crops requires ARK to make multiple calculations at any time so please be mindful of this and have no more than required for each resource seed. There has been a limit implemented of 40 tech plots and 40 2.0 tech plots.

  • We have no dino taming limit (other than the settings on ARK) however please be mindful that having a lot of dinos out will cause server performance issues due to rendering and calculating. We, therefore, ask you to please only have on show a couple of your favourite dinos and dino soul the rest using dino storage. We ask that you always soul the Emperor Reapress (the one on fire that lights up the map) and Nova the Destroyer. Or any dino that is of the same size as Nova etc.

  • ARK does not support UNICODE across games that are not set at UNICODE for local language (such as Russian). That means, to others the chat displays as boxes. If your language uses UNICODE, please use Local, Alliance or Tribe chat only. Only standard text (regardless to language) can be used in Global.

If any rules are broken to intentionally cause harm to the server or, its performance, our admin team will review this and decide if a wipe and/or ban is appropriate.