We welcome back the mod combo Eternal and Primal Fear! Now clustered! Maps are: Ragnarok, The Island, The Center, and Lost Island.

This server has the webshop and has high rates!
This cluster is our most popular, with lots of ways to conquer newt-ark
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ET/PF Ragnarok

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// Eternal & Primal Fear Cluster

ET/PF Fjordur

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// Eternal & Primal Fear Cluster

ET/PF Valguero

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// Eternal & Primal Fear Cluster

We have an Fibercraft server!

Everything is crafted using fiber only!!!

Max player: 500
Max Wild: 600
Levels after tame: 500

XP x 1000
Harvest x 1000

This server has no mods and has Epic crossplatform enabled!

PvP Fibercraft

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// PvP Fibercraft

Featuring The Hunted!

This mod changes everything you know about ARK. Fancy a challenge? Take on The Hunted!

Rates are low to put your skills to the test!

WARNING - we recommend reading the mod page here!

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Our builders server is whitelist only.

This server features Knerfs River Town that you can view.

All bases that qualify gets full protection from damage and no decay. This server is about building, not taming or fighting. To join complete our application form here!

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// Builders